Play, sport and movement are critical to kids’ development and growth. But often these powerful benefits are hard to enjoy if kids don’t feel they belong. Thankfully, a caring, empowering adult has incredible potential to create a future of sport where every kid belongs. With strategic and design support we worked with Nike to create the Coaching For Belonging Playbook, a resource for adults to help kids belong. Starting with Made 
To Play resources, we interviewed dozens of coaches, experts, volunteers and athletes around the world to share strategies, tips and advice on building a more inclusive practice, inside and outside of sport. A future of sport where everyone belongs is coming. It all starts with kids — and the coaches who support them.


[CONTRIBUTORS ]                                    
Alex Gaterud (Creative)

Chelesa Frimpong (Producer)
Dana Raidt (Creative)
Megan Riley (Strategist)
Sarah Youngquist (Designer)