The Joyful Resilience Project: An exploration of collective creativity through sound. A collaborative music experience from Zeus Jones, record producer Lazerbeak, and Web3 music platform Endlesss. Together with the Endlesss community we created four jams, each based on a different theme of joyful resilience discussed in issue 04 of Athena. Jams are user-generated evolving soundscapes hosted on the Endlesss platform and open to contributions by music makers from all over the world. We invited anyone to participate in our four jams and creatively contribute based on that jam’s particular theme. After a week Endlesss members curated their favorite moments from each jam and passed them off to Lazerbeak to play with and remix

[CONTRIBUTORS ]                                    
Alex Register (Design)
Alica Crippa (Creative)
Dustin Studelska (Creative)
Morgan Hay Chapman (Stratetgy)
Sara Ritten (Producer)
Sam Stanfield (Design)

Art Director & Deisgner