Every year Zeus Jones explores a topic of interest through our creative playground Athena Jones. Each issue of Athena gives the agency space to explore uncommon wisdom in culture, business, and everything in between. For our fourth issue we reimagined the topic of resilience through the lens of joy, asking the question “What if choosing joy as our primary duty made us more resilient?“. As we began to define the art direction we challenged ourselves to consider more than just the aesthetics of the issue — finding ways for the creative process to fully embody the play, joy, and spontaneity that we were exploring.

[CONTRIBUTORS ]                                    
Alex Register (Design)
Alica Crippa (Creative)
Dustin Studelska (Creative)
Morgan Hay Chapman (Stratetgy)
Sara Ritten (Producer)
Sam Stanfield (Design)

Art Director & Deisgner